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Grumpy Cat Art Grumpy Cat Art Project: Frowny feline becomes fine art

Internet meme star Grumpy Cat gets an artistic makeover from dozens of Alabama artists, resulting in a show and auction of disgruntled-cat creations...

Read the Full Story at:  [CNET]

Cat Cafe Lost cat makes 8-mile trek home

A cat that went missing after Hurricane Sandy reappeared at the his owner's home last week. Looking as sleek and unassuming as he did the day he left six months ago, Porsche showed up at the door of his owners' New Jersey shore home Wednesday as if he'd never left...

Read the Full Story at:  [Daily Mail]

Cat Cafe Cat café in London moves a step closer

A café filled with cats looks set to open in London in the coming months, with thousands of feline fans set to battle it out to be the first through the door. Australian entrepreneur Lauren Pears revealed on Friday she is on the verge of signing a lease...

Read the Full Story at:  [Metro]

Oscar Returns Cat reunited with owner after two years

We've all heard of the cat that came back the very next day, but it took Arielle Denys' cat Oscar a little longer. Two years. Oscar went missing from his home in May of 2011. Deney said she looked for him every single day for the first five months. "I never did lose hope..."

Read the Full Story at:  [CTV News]

Longest Cat Ever Help For Cat Urine and Other Messes

If you're a cat owner, you adore your feline even when she makes a little accident. Knowing it's inevitable and being prepared can make cleanup a breeze. Here are some tips about how to deal with the top ones...

Read the Full Story at:  [Houston Chronicle]

Longest Cat Ever Nevada feline certified as longest domestic cat ever

A Maine coon cat that called Reno his home has officially been named the "longest domestic cat ever," according to the Guinness Book of World Records...

Read the Full Story at:  [USA TODAY]

Cat Health The 5 easiest ways to keep your cat healthy

We know you love your cat. But even the biggest cat lovers can fall prey to a dangerous trap: thinking that your furry feline is "low-maintenance." While it's true that cats are less needy than many other types of pets, Dr. Jason Nichols, AKA "The Preventive Vet," says that cats are merely silent sufferers. To ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life (or nine), check out Dr. Nichols' five easy steps to promoting feline wellness...

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India Cat Show Cats get their day on the catwalk

Cat lovers in the city of Bangalore had a field day. Their pets in tow, they turned up on Saturday morning to flaunt their favourite feline at India's first Cat Show. The event, held at a city hotel, had over 100 entries.

Organised by the recently established Indian Cat Federation (ICF), the show aimed at providing a platform for Indian breeds to be showcased on an international level...

Read the Full Story at:  [The Hindu]

Cat Video Festival Internet Cat Video Festival

OAKLAND ~ More than 5,000 cat lovers are expected to descend on Oakland's Uptown district May 11, when the city hosts the Bay Area premiere of the Internet Cat Video Festival.

"There's something going on in our culture where cats are really hot right now," said Issabella Shields, the Great Wall's executive director. "Instead of watching cat videos secretly in your cubicle by yourself and feeling guilty for wasting time at work, this is your chance to watch them outdoors with your friends..."

Read the Full Story at:  [Mercury News]

Big British Cat Evidence of British Countryside's 'Big Cat': Remains of 'Devon Beast' Rediscovered

The big cat that supposedly roams the Devon countryside in England has gained almost a mythical status. Now, researchers have discovered evidence that a creature really did wander the British countryside in the early 1900s...

Read the Full Story at:  [Science World Report]

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