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Cat Productivity Why online cat videos can make you more productive

They are the most watched videos on Youtube. Now Sharon Crowe reports on research which found that looking at images of cute things, such as fluffy cats, can make you more productive at work...

Read the Full Story at:  [Irish Examiner]

Cat Nurses Ducklings Cat overcomes predatory instincts to nurse ducklings

Ronan and Emma Lally could scarcely believe their eyes when their white cat adopted three orphaned ducklings, along with her own brood of three kittens...

Read the Full Story at:  [Independent]

Cat Charity Study shows more communities support humane treatment of feral cats

In many parts of the country there has been a sea change over the past decade in the way local governments view feral cats. A new report by the national advocacy group Alley Cat Allies, found the number of municipalities with pro-feral cat ordinances jumped from just 23 in 2003 to 240 this year....

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Cat Charity Two animal lovers establish cat charity to help Cardiff's strays

Two animal lovers from Cardiff have decided to set up their own cat charity to help the cityís population of neglected and stray felines. Fran Ross and Joyce Chichester of Pentrebane, volunteered at Cardiff Cats Protection for a decade, but the well-established branch was closed last November due to a lack of resources...

Read the Full Story at:  [Wales Online]

Cat Treadmill Fat cat inspires Canadian engineer's pet treadmill

You need only step into a few homes with pets to see that North America's obesity epidemic isn't limited to humans ... the number of obese cats alone has risen a whopping 90 per cent since 2007...

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Trim Cat Nails How To Trim Your Catís Nails

Some cat owners are intimidated by trimming their cat's nails. They shouldn't be. With the right tools and a simple game plan, it's easy to accomplish. Here's what you need to start...

Read the Full Story at:  [Chicago Tribune]

Emergency Cat Care Emergency medical cat care at your fingertips

It's midnight, and your cat is acting strange. Then it vomits. You watch your pet, wondering if you need to bundle it into the carrier and incur a $100 emergency vet bill... In recent years, veterinarians have stepped in to provide a quick, cost-effective place on the Internet for owners to have their questions answered and get solid advice no matter the time of the day...

Read the Full Story at:  [Kiii tv]

Cat Fonts Font made entirely of cats

Neko Font is a web app that will transform text into a new font made entirely out of cats. Well, pictures of cats, to be precise. All you have to do is insert the copy of your choice into the text box and Neko Font instantly hands it back in cat form...

Read the Full Story at:  [NBC News]

Kitten gets surgery Homeless cat born without eyelids gets surgery & a family

A homeless cat born without eyelids can now see, thanks to efforts from a Manitoba community and a New York veterinarian. Joe was just four weeks old when his owners brought him in to veterinarian Birte Klug in Selkirk, Manitoba for an eye infection...

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Dangers of Lily Flowers Cat owners warned of lily threat

Cat lovers have been warned of the dangers a humble flower could hold to their beloved pets after one feline had a narrow escape. Liana Cavalcanti's Persian cat Tilly needed emergency treatment after eating lilies that the Carshalton woman had been given for her birthday...

Read the Full Story at:  [This is London]

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