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Funny & Inspirational Cat Videos!

Do you ever get the feeling that life is too stressful? We sure do, but there's good news ~ the Universe has given us a 4 legged remedy for the trials and tribulations of our existence, and now thanks to the convenience of online video, you can relieve your stress in a matter of minutes. We can assure you that when you get done watching any of these cat or kitten clips, you're sure to have a smile on your face ... how could you not??

Click a screenshot graphic below to view that short cat video (you can skip any commercials that YT inserts after a few seconds)...
The hugely popular "Henri the Cat" videos below are done in a tongue-in-cheek French existentialist/noir style ~ #1 is at left...
Below are four cat videos that have gone viral since they were uploaded to YouTube...
ps. If any of the above cat videos on this page are off the internet, please [let us know] so we can replace it

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