Resources for developing the coping skills you need to handle difficult managers & bully bosses
Resources to Help You Cope With a Difficult Manager
Nasty Boss Books
Learn how to keep your career on track & overcome abusive supervisors
The books, dvds, and services [below] have been carefully selected to help you get free from the grip of a bully boss or difficult manager who is making your life miserable.
Big Mouth Boss
T. Mouthy Bossman II
If you find yourself in the situation of working for a maniac, then you basically have five choices:
    · You can learn valuable coping skills from experts who have been studying this sort of aberrant behaviour and have developed strategies for dealing with it. The books & dvd's below will show you the way;
    · You can educate yourself about your legal rights (yes, you DO have legal rights!), and if necessary, settle the issue in a court of law. Click [here] to find explanations of your legal options;
    · You can find another job, this time with your eyes open about what to look for and what to expect in a prospective employer;
    · You can work for yourself in the realm of self-employment. Starting your own business is not necessarily easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding on many levels ~ check out our guidelines;
    · Or of course, you can try to live with it until it finally kills you -- and it WILL kill you, if not physically, then it's just a matter of time before you'll see your spirit crushed (not much of a choice!).
It may be that you start out on one path and end up on another. That's fine ~ what really matters is to NOT allow your health, happiness, peace of mind, and career be destroyed by another individual. First empower yourself with solid information, then decide which way you will go ... the important thing is to start NOW before your career is ruined and/or your enthusiasm is destroyed by an abusive & destructive work environment!
Remember...   You CAN impact the success & happiness that
you'll experience in your own workplace!
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(Click any cover below to learn how to free yourself from an unhappy job situation)
Bad Boss Books Books for Dealing With a Bad Boss

Click the link above to see a listing of valuable books to help you develop a strategy for coping with a difficult boss who may be abusive or is hampering your career advancement.

Books to Help You Get a Better Job Books to Help You Get a Better Job

If a new position is something you daydream about, then maybe it's time to take the first step. The books in this section will help you write the kind of strong resume that can get you in the door. Other books will guide you through the interview process, from the right clothes to wear to the right questions to ask ~ invaluable resources for anyone who is seriously contemplating switching jobs.

Self Employment Books Books to Help You Start Your Own Business

If you are considering starting your own business ~ either as full time self-employment or as a supplemental income source ~ then the books & magazines in this section will be a tremendous help.

Leadership DVDs DVDs for Developing Leadership & Motivational Skills

If you are looking to do more productive work, or to better organize your time, or to become a more effective leader, then you definitely will want to check out these outstanding DVDs for a more satisfying & rewarding career. Also included are dvds about starting your own business and smart investing for financial independence.

Smart Investment Strategies Smart Investment Strategies ~ Books & DVDs

You'll never be totally free from job related stress until you have a healthy nest egg that can get you through tough times. These books and dvds will lay out an investment strategy to help you turn a part of your paycheck into long term financial freedom.

Become a Better Boss Books Books to Help Your Boss Become a Better Manager

Some bosses are horrible managers because they simply do not know any better ~ they actually believe that an "effective" boss behaves like a Marine drill instructor when supervising their co-workers. If you feel you need to stay at your current position, then perhaps you can help them sharpen their skills (it's time they join the 21st century!).

Smart Investment Strategies Stress & Anger Management Techniques ~ Books & DVDs

If you are in a workplace position that is creating undue stress, anxiety, and anger in your life, then you are on the road to sickness and misery. Not only will your career suffer, but so will your body, your spirit, and your relationships with those around you. Here's the good news ~ you CAN do something about it, and these DVDs and books will show you how.

Bad Boss Entertainment DVDs Bad Boss Entertainment!

Believe it or not, your boss may not be the worst in the world ~ in fact, there are SO many bad bosses, the entertainment industry has entire film series devoted to them! Here are some DVDs that will make you laugh when laughter may be the only thing that will keep you from doing something you will later regret ;)

Search for other resources to help you cope with a difficult manager or bully in the workplace ~ click the arrow on the drop down menu and select "Books" (or DVDs); then type "Arrogant Boss" or "Incompetent Manager" or something similar into the search box:

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