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Resources to Help a Boss Do a Better Job
The books below are valuable resources to help you and/or your boss develop an effective and productive manager-employee relationship at your company workplace.

If however you have a horrible boss, we also have books which will help you cope with that stressful situation, with strategies & legal advice about your rights.  Click here...  [Dealing With A Bad Boss]

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How to Become a Great Boss: The Rules for Getting and Keeping the Best Employees
by Jeffrey J. Fox

Employment is a contract with obligations on both sides. Fox's articulate presentation of values and principles focuses on the vital process of staffing and managing an organization. This primer on evaluating an employee's performance, attitude, and priorities is a common sense guide to communicating and socializing when you're the boss. An essential guide on what matters in management.

The Gifted Boss
by Dale Dauten

Piles of books come out every year on how to be a better boss, but few go beyond platitudes to provide vivid, real-life pictures of excellent bosses in action. Not so with The Gifted Boss, in which business columnist Dale Dauten not only tells how extraordinary bosses differ from ordinary ones but actually shows what these bosses look like on the job.

Building a Partnership With Your Boss
by Jerry Wisinski

Shows assistants how they can become a partner to their boss, and open the door to career-building opportunities. Offers specific techniques to help initiate the transition to a partnering relationship with your boss.

Leading from the Heart
by Jack Kahl

The CEO of Manco, Inc. shares a lifetime of networking and study about proven leadership skills. He does a marvelous job of integrating the elements of leadership in demonstrating and explaining the synchronistic nature of "servant leadership". This is a great guide for any entrepreneur that wants to build a successful business based on good values.

Better Than Perfect: How Gifted Bosses And Great Employees Can Lift the Performance of Those Around Them
by Dale Dauten

With the crisp style and provocative insights that have made him a leading syndicated columnist, Dale Dauten explores how the best bosses, employees and suppliers think, learn and communicate differently.

The Valuable Office Professional: For Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Secretaries, and Other Support Staff
by Michelle Burke

Nearly all business books deal with managing a company. The Valuable Office Professional, by Michelle Burke, addresses the usually neglected but nonetheless critical matter of managing a manager. Approaching issues from the perspective of the staff, Burke shows how to develop the assistant-boss relationship into a true partnership.

Managing Up: 59 Ways to Build a Career-Advancing Relationship with Your Boss
by Michael Singer Dobson & Deborah Singer Dobson

Behind every successful manager is a successful employee. The key to moving up? MANAGING UP For readers seeking a surefire career-booster or simply looking to improve their relationship with their boss, this is a welcome guide written specifically to provide them with the skills needed to build a productive, mutually beneficial relationship with their boss.

They Made You the Boss, Now What? : A Practical Guide for New Leaders
by Les Duncan

You have been promoted and you are about to become a leader, but you have no leadership experience and no formal leadership training. What should you do? How do you behave? If you are lucky, you worked for a great leader along the way and learned from them. You may have also learned what not to do from a poor leader. But most likely you will develop your leadership skills the old-fashioned way—by trial and error. This book can help. You will learn how great leaders hire the very best people then remove obstacles and get out of their way...

The People Management Formula
by Stephen E. Kohn

Want to build your management "people skills"? Looking to build more productive relationships at work? Two prominent management coaches provide a simple, straightforward training model designed to help you improve crucial interpersonal aspects of leadership.

1001 Ways to Energize Employees
by Bob Nelson

Reveals what real companies across America are doing to get the very best out of their employees, and why it's the key to their success. This bestselling series points to a new way of looking at employee-employer relations, offering practical advice, case studies, thorough research and evidence, and clear business theory.

101 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make and How to Avoid Them
by Mary Albright

A comprehensive, instant-answer guide to avoiding over 100 of the most common mistakes made by managers. Details where the pitfalls lie, so you can avoid them more easily, and how to recover from a mistake quickly and prevent it from happening again.

Defining the Really Great Boss
by M. David Dealy & Andrew R. Thomas

What makes a great boss? Bosses don't become great because of their title, rank, degree of authority, office size, or benefits package. Great bosses aren't even necessarily great managers. Instead, they possess a set of core competencies that set them apart from mere managers. The skill set of great bosses entails five qualities: * They do the right thing for the right reason; * They never make the same mistake twice; * They set their personal expectations higher than those of their bosses; * They go to their bosses with action plans, not problems; * They follow up....

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