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Techniques & Strategies for Surviving in a Hostile Work Environment
The books below are valuable resources written by specialists in the field of employer-employee relationships, to help you develop an effective strategy for coping with a difficult boss or incompetent manager who may be abusive or is a bully in your workplace. These kind of nasty people will ruin your life unless you learn how to protect yourself ~ including legal action if it comes to that. The expert advice below will be a big help in getting you out of a bad employment situation... pig boss
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Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates ...And Other Difficult People
by Roy H. Lubit

Lubit, an academic, psychiatrist, and management consultant, explains how our ability to work effectively with difficult or "toxic" managers will have a significant impact on our careers. By improving this ability, he claims, we will learn to better understand and manage ourselves.

A Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses: Dealing With Bullies, Idiots, back-stabbers, And Other Managers from Hell
by Gini Graham, Ph.D.

There have been times in all of our lives when we have experienced working for someone who for whatever reason did not fall into the "great boss" category. This book however deals with those who transcend mere annoyance and dwell in the realm of the truly diabolical.

Nasty Bosses : How to Deal with Them without Stooping to Their Level
by Jay Carter

Provides no-nonsense insights into bad-tempered behavior, offering proven techniques for handling every harmful moment inflicted by snide superiors. Nasty Bosses may be your passport to a happier, calmer, and saner life by offering strategies for how you can:

Navigate around the boss who motivates with promises but never delivers; Discern the deceptive supervisor who tells everyone a different story to appease them all; Cope with the chief who demands fanatical hard work and dedication from employees but doesn't return the favor; Deal the leader who rejects your ideas only to later implement them as his or her own.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Boss? 13 Types and How to Survive Them
by Marilyn Haight

The advice is easy and more important, the tough talk about facing reality instead of wishful thinking is on point. Highly recommended for anyone facing a hostile work situation where the employer's behavior is bad and getting worse. If nothing else, it helps the reader spot the problems before they become personal.  

Your Rights at the Work Place: The Things Your Boss Won't Tell You
by Leo J. Terrell

Teaches employees how to handle and protect themselves from unfair conduct by their employers, and discloses to readers all the governmental agencies available to assist them in cases of discrimination and harassment at work. It also elucidates what constitutes "improper conduct" under the law. It will empower every employee in this country.

Every Employee's Guide to the Law
by Lewin G. Iii Joel

Labor lawyer Joel presents an employee's legal rights from the initial job interview to termination (if it ever comes to that). Joel sees a worker's best defense as a good offense: he suggests we each start compiling a "personal personnel file" from the moment we spot a want ad, maintaining this paper trail to counter our bosses' documentation should the need arise. He discusses over 100 strictures governing hours, wages, working conditions, discrimination, and related issues, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
by Juliana Lightle, Elizabeth H. Doucet

Concise, self-study workbook explaining legal, professional, and personal aspects of sexual harassment.

How to Spot a Good Boss (before you take the job)
by A.Z Stan

Little do we realise, the major factor that determines our career success and long term happiness in our jobs is the boss we work for - the person who can propel you to achieve your best or hold you back in mediocrity, the person who determines your salary, bonus, promotion, career development, your day-to-day environment at work, even the extent of your enjoyment of work and worklife.

How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive -- Without Killing Your Boss
by John Hoover

After decades of writing and consulting, Dr. John finally realized that the vast majority of the bosses he kept trying to "energize," "motivate," and "enlighten" were, well, idiots. So instead, he has decided to enlighten you, who actually have to continue working for difficult and demanding bosses. You cannot change them. You cannot challenge them. Yet, you can survive them, even thrive under them, if you learn how to deal with them using this book.

Defective Bosses: Working for the "Dysfunctional Dozen"
by Kerry D. Carson, Paula Phillips Carson

Presents a how-to, how-not-to, why, and why-not tour guide that is packed with a lot of tested and proven survival skills and coping techniques.

When You Work for a Bully
by Susan Futterman

Inspired by her own experience with a workplace bully, Futterman describes in familiar detail the emotions, actions and toll on life that an overbearing boss can take. She explains how to spot the signs of bullying, distinguish between a bully and a negative manager...

When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses
by William Lundin

How can smart people stay sane and productive when their bosses are toxic, rude, or just plain dumb? Solutions abound in this essential book.

How to Manage Your Boss: Developing the Perfect Working Relationship
by Ros Jay

The book helps reader to get a better understanding of their boss and of themselves. It also helps reader to build skills to handle difficult work situations (work pressure, multiple bosses, emotions, how to say no, tricky bosses, etc). The book is very well organized/structured, well written, concise, and has many good examples.

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