Strategies for dealing with a difficult boss, solve problems with a poor job supervisor,
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Tools for Coping With A Bad Boss
Is your boss driving you crazy??
Upset Employee

If you've been in the workforce for any length of time at all, then you have almost certainly learned a hard lesson:

The fact that someone has been promoted to the position of supervisor does NOT,  in-and-of-itself,  mean that they are particularly smart, hard working, competent, caring, insightful, courteous, decent, talented, enlightened, or deserving.
In reality, they could possibly be in that supervisory position for factors that have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of the above! They may now be your boss and have authority over you because they are expert manipulators; or maybe they are well "connected"; or simply because they can "kiss up" better than you or any of your co-workers. Idiot Boss book cover

The sad truth is, they may also be a living embodiment of the "Peter Principle" ... that is, they have been promoted to their level of incompetence. And in a worst case scenario, they may actually believe they are the boss because they are somehow "superior", when in fact they are by any definition completely dysfunctional!!

So what are you supposed to do? When your boss is a bumbling fool who does not even realize that they cannot do their own job properly without the constant support of everyone they are supposedly managing, then you are in a frustrating (and often aggravating) situation. If however they at least treat you decently, then maybe you can live with it.

But when in addition to being incompetent they also treat you and your fellow co-workers with disdain and a total lack of respect, then you have a very serious problem that can make your life miserable for as long as you work at that company, and you must understand that it may NEVER get better on its own.

If you find yourself in that truly horrible position, then maybe it is time to DO something about it! You'll be happy to know that solutions ARE available and the cost can be minimal. Read on...

The first thing to realize is that you are not alone. The second thing to realize is in regards to your physical and mental health -- if your body, mind and spirit are being negatively impacted by this creep, then it is no joke and you should not ignore the possible long-term damage it can do to you. You could literally die from the ongoing daily stress.

Fortunately, there are highly regarded professionals who specialize in providing expertise, advice, and counselling to people who find themselves involved in this kind of terrible working relationship. Below you will find some books, dvds, and websites that can be very useful, but in addition, if your situation is particularly severe then it may be necessary to look in your local area for trained job counselors. Plus there are [legal steps] you can take to protect yourself, so if going to work and facing a psychopath is something you must do every day, then it may be time to take ACTION before it is too late!

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Books for Dealing with a Bad Boss ... There are a multitude of authoritative books written by professionals regarding the coping skills required to deal with an abusive boss or bully manager in your company workplace. You're not the first person to ever be in this terrible situation, so learn from the experiences of others before your spirit and/or career is totally destroyed. bad boss book cover

Books for Helping You Start Your Own Business ... If you have reached the point where you are thinking that maybe you'd be a lot happier working for yourself, then the self-employment resources in this section will be a tremendous help in making that dream a reality. self employment book cover

Resources on DVD ... If you prefer to get your information via DVD video, then check out this section where you'll find world class presentations by acknowledged experts in the field of leadership, investment, time management, skill building, and much more. Resources on DVDs

Books to Help You Get A Better Job ... These resources will guide you through the process of writing an effective resume, being in top form for a crucial job interview, and wearing the kind of clothes that make the best impression.

Know Your Legal Rights! ... Some bosses think they can intimidate you and there's nothing you can do about it. WRONG! You DO have rights and you should understand them -- these books will help. Your Legal Rights

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Stress & Anger Management ... We have talked repeatedly about the importance of NOT allowing your boss to adversely affect your health, so that means it is essential to keep your stress levels under control. High stress = high blood pressure = severe illness. Stress & anger will also very often lead to broken relationships in your personal life, so you must seriously ask yourself ... what boss is worth that? Manage Your Stress & Anger

Learn to Be A Good Boss ... Sometimes the thing to do is to take a pro-active approach and try to HELP your supervisor become a better boss. After all, just because he/she is in that position does not mean they actually know what they are doing! Thankfully, there are lots of resources to show them what it takes to be a good boss -- and hey, if need be, you could buy them a book or dvd "gift" and anonymously leave it on their desk (they'll get the message!). How to be a Better Boss

Bad Boss Checklist ... Social & industrial psychologists have been studying the behavior of bad bosses for decades, and have documented very definite patterns of character deficiencies in these individuals. Here's a brief checklist for you to print out, to help you determine whether or not your own supervisor fits the typical profile.

Employee Surveys ... There are bad bosses everywhere -- this site documents some real-life stories that will make your hair stand on end!

My Stupid Boss ... More horror stories about how a difficult boss can make a person's life really miserable. Also, tips for dealing with a bully.

Why your boss is programmed to be a dictator ... [PDF File] Why do bosses behave the way they do, and why do you behave in a certain way with your boss?

Is Your Boss a Psychopath? ... Researchers say psychopaths and some chief executives tend to share many of the same personality traits: "They don't care that you have thoughts and feelings. They have no sense of guilt or remorse..."

Workplace Humor ... When it all seems just toooo nuts, the best thing to do is to have a good laugh (before you go over the edge!). Here are some jokes from the corporate darkside to help you lighten up a bit.

More Bad Boss Stories ... Working America's "My Bad Boss Contest" is an opportunity for workers to speak out about the difficulties they face every day on the job. Share your own story about a nightmare boss!

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"If your work is becoming uninteresting, so are you. Work is an inanimate thing and can be made lively
and interesting only by injecting yourself into it. Your job is only as big as you are."
 ~ George C. Hubbs
Strategies for Dealing with a Difficult Boss : Solving Problems with Poor Supervisors : Coping with Criticism from Bad Managers

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