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Pig Boss

Q. What is a "real pig" boss?

A. It is someone who is in a position of authority and behaves like a total jerk. Someone who bullies subordinates to work beyond what is reasonable, then takes all the credit for the completed job; someone who delights in humiliating employees, especially in the presence of co-workers; someone who has mood swings so extreme you feel like you are always walking on eggshells. In short, someone who should never be allowed to have the slightest amount of power, as it inevitably goes to their head and makes them crazy as hell. If that sounds like someone at your workplace, then as soon as possible you may want to begin the process of fortifying yourself against this truly dangerous individual -- it's just a matter of time before they'll bring you down. [MORE INFO]

Q. How can I positively identify my current bad boss as acting like a "real pig"?

A. The bad boss syndrome is not new -- it has surely existed for as long as some individuals have held power over others. In our modern era, trained professionals have been carefully studying this abhorrent behavior for many years now, and have continually detected certain dysfunctional character traits. To help you discern whether your own boss falls into the "bad boss" category, we suggest clicking this link to [PRINT OUT] the check list. If you find that it accurately describes your supervisor, then you have a real problem on your hands, and you must deal with it before it overwhelms you, which will leave your career in the dust.

Q. Why the pig icon?

A. People who have to deal with terrible bosses have been referring to them as "pigs" for decades (as in, "my boss is a real pig"), so we simply went with this established tradition to use as our symbol of a typical bully boss.

Historical Notes:  The TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979-85) had a heartless & corrupt character known as "Boss Hogg". And of course who can forget Napoleon the Boss-Pig in George Orwell's great classic "Animal Farm" (book published 1945; animated movie 1954).

Q. My supervisor is very vengeful, so how can I let higher management in our company know about my insane boss, without divulging my own email address?

A. In a situation where discretion is prudent, you can always go to Google.com and type in the search phrase:

    anonymous email service
Pick out one of the websites that looks user-friendly & reliable, then send an anonymous email to as many top management people as possible. Do note that while these services retain your anonymity, you should NOT send it from a computer at work -- it can be traced to your specific machine! A friend or relative's system might be best.
Address company leaders respectfully, compose your letter carefully (correct grammar and spelling), and if possible, give concrete examples of the maniac's unacceptable behavior (try to provide those examples which do not divulge your own identity), then end by saying that the purpose of the message is to inform them of your mean-spirited boss because he/she is seriously hurting company productivity and loyalty, which is affecting the bottom line. That last part should get their attention.

Q. I think my boss may be a psychopath -- how can I deal with this nut? Bad Boss Legal Books

A. First and foremost, be careful -- you may need legal protection if you are dealing with someone who will stop at nothing to ruin your career. You MUST build your case in a careful & methodical manner, with dates/times/witnesses, so start a private journal and enter the details whenever the creep behaves in a manner which clearly meets the definition of harassment. When the evidence starts to mount up, either go to your firm's upper management / human resources department, or if necessary, look for an attorney in your area that specializes in protecting employees from out-of-control supervisors. We have a number of books that explain your [Legal Rights], to help you deal with a dangerously bad boss.

But remember -- if push comes to shove, you must be prepared to stand on solid legal ground! That's why it is essential that you know the extent of your protection under the law.
Important! Do be aware that if your own boss's irrational behavior is affecting your health, it's a serious issue that you should NOT ignore.

Q. I'm a boss -- why do the people I supervise always see me as a pig?

A. Here's a thought -- did it ever occur to you that you treat your co-workers terribly? So the proper question is, WHY do you do that? Are you even aware that you are behaving like a typical pig boss?

Perhaps you don't know any better, or perhaps you are simply misunderstood, or in a worst case scenario, perhaps at your essence you are a total jerk. Boss Pig
If it's lack of experience, or if you're constantly misunderstood because of poor communication skills, then that can be fixed. The first step for you is to learn to do a better job -- see these [MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE BOOKS] for sound advice on developing effective & productive relationships with your co-workers.
If however you are at your core a creep, then in all seriousness you need more help than a book can provide. You'd be doing yourself and everyone around you a huge favor if you'd seek professional counseling -- check with therapists in your area for recommendations.
So our advice is to reflect on your "pig-hood" carefully -- if in fact you are insulting and/or abusing your co-workers, then maybe it's time to stop behaving like a spoiled child, and start behaving like a mature & mentally balanced adult. In the words of Jimmy Durante...
"Be nice to people on your way up because you will meet them again on your way down."
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