Books & resources to assist in writing your job resumes, how to handle your job interviews,
and appearance advice so you can dress for a good first impression
Books to Help with Your Job Resumes,
Job Interviews, and Appearance
The books below are valuable resources that can help you land the kind of job that you have always wanted, with better security and higher pay. They include advice for writing the strongest resumes, asking the most positive sounding interview questions (and giving the best answers!), and dressing in a favorable & professional manner. As Louis Pasteur once said, "Fortune favors the prepared mind". These expert authors allow you to achieve a level of preparation that will allow you to make a powerful first impressison, which puts you one big step ahead of the competition!
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The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes
by Warren Simons, Rose Curtis

Draws upon the author's considerable expertise, as well as the vast database, to arm job seekers with: Sample resumes for every profession and job category, at every level, from entry level to executive; a comprehensive database of keywords, arranged by industry; and electronic job-hunting advice and strategies, with tips on how to make any resume stand out.

202 Great Resumes
by Jay A. Block, Michael Betrus

A comprehensive collection of sample resumes for any job in any field, this book gives job hunters more of everything they need to get a great job. These resumes cover more professions, more resume styles and formats, and more cutting-edge job search strategies than ever before. Fresh sample resumes for today's most sought-after professions are included, as well as special samples for recent grads and those who've been out of work for extended periods. Features include: Resumes for every experience level, from college grads to corporate executives; proven advice on cover letters, networking, negotiating, and references; more keywords that hiring managers look for in a resume.

201 Best Questions To Ask On Your Interview
by John Kador

Asking the right questions can help job seekers ace the interview and land that job. The most critical question job interviewers ask is often the last one. That's when they lean forward and say, "Do you have any questions?" As author John Kador points out, that's the applicants' moment to shine, to demonstrate that they have done their homework and that they're good fit with the organization. Most of all, it provides an applicant with an opportunity to ask for the job. A powerful resource for vast and growing numbers of job seekers, this book fills readers in on the pivotal questions they need to ask to ace the interview. With chapters organized around major themes, such as "the company," "the job," and "the community," 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview not only supplies readers with the right questions for virtually every context but also coaches them on the right ways to ask them.

The Resume Handbook
by Arthur D. Rosenberg, David V. Hizer

Text provides a practical and comprehensive guide to resume preparation. Includes sections on networking, using the Internet, cover and personal sales letters, and other helpful topics.

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions
by Ron Fry

Emphasis is on one aspect of the interview process, the one-on-one interview (i.e., the selection rather than the screening), in a question-and-answer format that offers a fresh, active approach to a timely subject. After two introductory chapters of guidelines, the author identifies the toughest themes of a successful encounter and provides proven responses in clear, readable text.

The New Professional Image: Dress Your Best For Every Business Situation
by Susan Bixler, Nancy Nix-Rice

Does your appearance increase your prospects ... or will it destroy them before you even start to talk? It doesn't matter how smart, hardworking, or dedicated you are-if you don't look the part, you're simply not going to succeed in today's business world. Every look you put together is more than a collection of clothes, accessories, and good grooming -- it is truly your personal logo.

-- What's the best look for that make-or-break interview?
-- How do you determine which colors will make you sparkle?
-- How do you select the cuts and styles will enhance your body type?
-- How can high-quality choices actually save you money?
-- What's too casual for "casual Friday"?

You've Only Got Three Seconds
by Camille Lavington

The author claims that within the first three seconds of meeting someone, "that person has already made irreversible judgments." To ensure that those judgments are favorable, Lavington stresses the importance of having self-confidence, a positive attitude, and a neat appearance. She provides self-assessment tests to help people understand their strengths and weaknesses and suggests ways to improve shortcomings. Finally, she recommends tactics for surviving office politics and social intrigue.

Power Etiquette: What You Don't Know Can Kill Your Career
by Dana May Casperson

Provides a definitive guide for conducting business relationships today, and up-to-date advice on what to say, what to write, how to eat, and what to tip. Teaches how to blend high-touch manners with high-tech communications.

Get a Better Job
by Susan Ireland

This book is an excellent how-to resource for job seekers. The author provides great tools to launch a quick and successful job search, and is loaded with ideas/strategy and timesaving tips. The author goes beyond the usual as she offers helpful notes for online job search, developing a targeted resume, and dynamic interviewing.

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