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If you are like most of us, the total absurdity of the daily work routine will often leave you shaking your head with utter disbelief. Is there no end to human stupidity and self-aggrandizement?? (Answer: Just wait until tomorrow!)

When you reach that point (and who hasn't!), there's no sense going nuts or letting rage get the best of you -- the best thing to do is to sit back, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and have a good laugh. Here are some DVD's that are guaranteed to put it all in perspective...
The Office - The Complete Collection BBC Edition
(First And Second Series Plus Special)

"...perhaps the greatest British sitcom..."

Online reviews...

"Set in the offices of a fictional British paper merchant, The Office is filmed in the style of a reality television show. The writing is subtle and deft, the acting wonderful, and the characters beautifully drawn: the cadaverous team leader Gareth (Mackenzie Crook); the monstrous sales rep, Chris Finch (Ralph Ineson); the decent but long-suffering everyman Tim (Martin Freeman), whose ambition and imagination have been crushed out of him by the banality of the life he dreams uselessly of escaping; and the insufferable office manager David Brent [who] will become a name as emblematic for a particular kind of British grotesque as Basil Fawlty." ~ Andrew Mueller

"The second series exceeded even the sky-high standards of the first. As ever, it's the awkward, reality TV-style pauses and silences, the furtive, meaningful and unmet glances across the emotional gulf of the open-plan office, that say it all here. As for Brent, his own breakdown is prefaced by a moment of hideous hilarity -- an impromptu office dance, a mixture of "Flashdance and MC Hammer" as Brent describes it, but in reality bad beyond description. Then, when his fate is sealed, he at last reveals himself in a memorable finale to perhaps the greatest British sitcom, besides Fawlty Towers, ever made." ~ David Stubbs

"The brilliant and devastating comedy of The Office is brought to a satisfying conclusion in The Office Special, originally a two-part Christmas special on the BBC, set three years after the end of the faux-documentary's second season. The Office fuses scathing humor and genuine empathy, turning excruciating social discomfort into inspired satire. Fans will find this special rewarding in all respects." ~ Bret Fetzer

Nightmare Boss

"...a tribute to the mindless workforce stupidity of a boss..."

Now you can own all 15 Episodes of popular Actor/Filmmaker Paul Parducci's smash hit Mobile Video series Nightmare Boss! Also included is "The Nightmare Boss Holiday Special: Christmas is Not Authorized." You've seen them on the Web, you've marvelled at them on your Sprint Phone, now OWN them all on DVD!

Online review...

"I have watched many, if not all of these episodes over and over again. If you ever had a boss you hated (and haven't we all) these are great to watch. Each of them is a tribute to the mindless workforce stupidity of a boss who lives only for his job and expects his abused workers to do the same in a variety of very funny situations suggested by the titles of each episode. Watch them all and save the Christmas episode for last because that one you won't be able to stop watching."

The Office ... (USA TV Series - Complete Seasons)
Starring: Steve Carell, John Krasinski

"...matches and may even exceed that of their British counterparts..."

Online review...

"The British sitcom The Office has the most devoted following this side of Monty Python, so an American remake seemed doomed. Amazingly, the remake actually finds its own enjoyable version of the original's uncanny comedy of embarrassment. Office manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) believes he's the beloved leader of the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of a paper products company -- but his relentless and painfully forced efforts at comedy creep out everyone around him, including paranoid Dwight, nervous receptionist Pam, and aimless salesman Jim, who's smitten with the already engaged Pam.

The pilot episode suffers from closely replicating the British pilot, but after that The Office finds its own footing, turning diversity training, an office birthday party, and a basketball game into excruciating yet hypnotically funny rituals of humiliation. Carell, Wilson, Fischer, and Krasinski quickly create a rapport that matches and may even exceed that of their British counterparts. Be sure to watch the deleted scenes; remarkably, they're as good as the material that made it on the air in this six-episode season." ~ Bret Fetzer

Fawlty Towers - The Complete Series  (1975)
Starring: John Cleese, Prunella Scales

"...most hilariously obnoxious man on the face of the planet..."

Online review...

"Basil Fawlty, as created and performed by John Cleese, is the rudest, most boorish, most hilariously obnoxious man on the face of the planet. What a natural for a TV sitcom! With his gangly frame and contortionist abilities, Cleese brilliantly punctuates Basil's outrageous faux pas with absurd gymnastics and turns Three Stooges-style pokes and kicks into a slapstick ballet. After a six-episode run in 1975, Cleese and cowriter and costar Connie Booth reunited the cast in 1979 for another six episodes without missing a punch line. The four-volume collection contains all 12 shows, interspersed with interview segments featuring Cleese discussing the genesis of the series and anecdotes about the individual episodes." ~ Sean Axmaker

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