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Books & Magazines to Help You Start Your Own Business
The best job security may be working for yourself!
The books below are valuable resources to help you start your own business, whether it be a part time supplemental income or something which you pursue full time. Topics include financing, bookkeeping, franchising, branding, ecommerce, and much more.

If you intend to hire employees for your new start-up, we also have books which will help you become an effective boss by improving your managerial skills...  [Become A Better Boss]

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The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century
by Paul Edwards

This invaluable guide provides comprehensive profiles of more than one hundred hot new businesses that promise the top opportunities for small-business people in the future.

An introductory section explains the requirements for operating a home-based business. Then each of the profiles outlines what the business entails, contrasts its advantages and disadvantages, lays out specific steps to get started, and suggests ways to identify and attract customers. Trade associations, professional organizations, books, seminars, and Web sites for each business are also included. This book's greatest asset, however, comes from the inclusion of specific estimates for start-up costs and recommendations on how to price products and services.

Step-by-step advice on:
-- the skills and knowledge needed to startup;
-- the start-up costs, pricing, and potential earning;
-- the best ways to get new business;
-- the advantages and disadvantages of each business;
-- the hands-on advice of those already in the field.

Minding Her Own Business
by Jan Zobel

One of the best general record keeping and tax advice publications to come along to help people new to small business get a basic understanding of recordkeeping, accounting, and taxation issues that affect small business.

Self-Employment: From Dream to Reality!
by Linda D. Gilkerson, Theresia M. Paauwe

This is an interactive workbook for starting your small business, with clear, step-by-step explanations, examples, and exercises that lead readers through planning and starting a small business. A good complement to other, more complicated business start-up books; this one was used successfully in a micro-enterprise training program operated by the authors.

Field Guide to Starting a Business
by Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine

Pollan and coauthor Levine describe the process of setting up a small business from coming up with an idea or concept to what to do on opening day. The authors also include "The Entrepreneurial Personality Test," which helps readers measure their entrepreneurial traits.

Topics covered include the business plan, forming a partnership, financing, franchising, and selecting locations. From inception to implementation, from opening to expansion, this is a nuts-and-bolts guide for the budding entrepreneur -- be it the M.B.A. who wants out of the rat race to the homemaker who wants to work out of the living room.

Getting Business to Come to You
by Paul Edwards

Noted home office experts address the issue of how small businesses can attract customers. While other current titles on small and home-based businesses include chapters on marketing, advertising, public relations, direct mail, and sales promotion for the small and/or home-based business entrepreneur, none do it so well or so comprehensively as these authors. They offer tips on networking, media kits, news releases, radio and TV advertising, and other topics.

Guide to Self-Employment
by Robert G. Lord

A round-up of career alternatives ranging from consulting & professional temping to starting or buying a business. Supplemented with dozens of useful case studies and handy resource materials, the book tells you how to benefit from the downsizing and reorganizing work trend, exploring such specific career alternatives as consulting, freelancing, temping, buying or launching a business, purchasing a franchise, and others.

Key topics covered include:

-- Starting a business, including market research, planning, financing, and more
-- Setting up your work environment, including office space and equipment needs, professional services, network resources, and hiring
-- Buying an existing business or franchise - the different types of businesses, valuing and pricing the acquisition, and negotiating an agreement
-- Launching a consulting practice - defining your services and markets, selling yourself, pricing, billing, and building a clientele.

100 Best Retirement Businesses
by Lisa Agnowski Rogak

The authors looked at 100 different small businesses ranging from tiny home-based enterprises started to supplement the retiree's income and fill spare time to larger businesses with numerous employees involving long hours of hard work. Each business profile contains a summary table detailing start-up costs, success potential, time commitment, advantages and disadvantages, and sources for more information.

The book's main strength is its provision of testimonials, which offer a good source of ideas for those looking to start a business whether they are retired or not. Also included are sections on business selection, self-assessment, and business plan development.

Secrets of Self-Employment
by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards

Being your own boss, as anyone who's tried it can attest, is not as easy as it looks. The rewards can be great, but hurdles abound--and many fledgling entrepreneurs never manage to get beyond the latter in order to enjoy the former. Well-known experts Sarah and Paul Edwards believe it can be done, though, and present solid tips for thriving as well as surviving in Secrets of Self-Employment, an expanded version of one of their popular early works.

How to Raise Capital
by Jeffrey Timmons

The entrepreneur's step-by-step guide to venture capital -- where to find it, how to secure it, and what to do with it. Provides prospective as well as current business owners with the knowledge they need to prepare an effective loan proposal, locate a suitable investor, negotiate and close the deal, and more.

This thorough examination of the inner workings of the venture capital industry explores: Resources available to entrepreneurs, from SBA loans to angel investors; Proven strategies for identifying and approaching equity sources; Characteristics of a "superdeal", from the investor's perspective.

The Best Internet Businesses You Can Start
by Marian Betancourt

Learn from the pros how to start your own profitable Net venture, by reading dozens of profiles of successful Web businesses. You'll get a glimpse into what inspired these pioneers, and take away the knowledge for your own business ideas: what it took to make it happen; who the customers are; and how to get their attention.

Covering all aspects of web-business startup, this book focuses on everything from brainstorming successful ideas to setting up your first Web site; creating effective marketing campaigns to delivering the goods; following up with outstanding customer service; and raising the money to get your concepts off the ground.

Handmade for Profit! Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts and Crafts
by Barbara Brabec

Explains clearly how to build a profitable crafts enterprise, with coverage of 16 different retail markets, including fairs and shows, shops and galleries, and Internet and catalog sales. All of the other necessary basics are presented as well, from building confidence, developing your product line, and setting prices, to creating a printed professional image with brochures, business cards, labels, and more. Of particular interest is the final chapter, which details precisely how to turn your hobby into a successful business.

Business Plans that Work
by Jeffry A Timmons, Andrew Zacharakis, Stephen Spinelli

A step-by-step guide for crafting effective business plans that will arm entrepreneurs and small business owners with an easy-to-follow template for writing persuasive business plans, along with proven models that can be used to analyze potential business opportunities from initial idea to viable venture.

This value-packed book will show both entrepreneurs and current business owners how to: Determine what to include in each plan, why, and for whom; Recognize and avoid common pitfalls in the process; Use the renowned "Timmons Model" to analyze potential business opportunities.

Home Business [Magazine Subscription]

Provides information on home business management, the home office, sales and marketing, computer operations, the Internet and wholesale mail order. Helps readers choose, manage, and prosper in a home business.

Entrepreneur [Magazine Subscription]

Entrepreneur magazine is for businesses owners, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends and strategies.

Articles, interviews, business profiles, financing, marketing, advertising and legislative news of note aimed at the small business owner or those planning to start a new or additional business.

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