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What is a "bad boss"? Boss Pig

According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, there are common & potentially harmful character deficiencies that you will often find in a typical "bad boss". See if any of this sounds familiar to your own workplace -- print it out and put a check next to all the traits that apply to your boss:

Self-centered & Selfish: The manager whose self-interest always comes first, and/or, whose chief drive is to constantly curry favor with senior managers at higher levels in the organization (without sharing credit with his/her staff or employees).

Hypocritical / Inconsistent: A hypocritical manager applies differing rules in similar circumstances; for example, the manager may apply one set of rules to his or her own behavior, while applying completely different rules to employees in the same situation.
Poor communicator: The manager that has difficulty expressing himself can leave his subordinates confused. This is even worse when that manager blames employees for not doing the task the way he had in mind (oh yeah, like everyone is a mind-reader!).
Ridiculous expectations: The manager who demands that a task be completed on an unrealistically small budget, or with an unrealistically close deadline, then goes ballistic when those impossible demands cannot be met.
Aloof: The manager that keeps to him/herself may seem cold and uncaring to subordinates. This is compounded when they also do not provide guidance when guidance is necessary.
Cowardice: Will not confront a poorly performing subordinate employee for fear of conflict. To add insult to injury, a coward boss may very well recommend the promotion of a problem employee to another department, so some other supervisor will have to deal with their failures. This of course creates nothing but resentment for those employees who are doing a good job.
Secretive: The habitually secretive manager withholds information as a way to control people, which can endanger trust.
Focused on minutiae: Will obsessively micro-manage employees, either from a desire to feel involved, or from a genuine belief that their co-workers are not competent to make the right decisions.

And unfortunately there's more...

Intellectual incompetence: The slow-witted manager who is prone to misunderstanding people or processes (and of course blames others for that failure!).

Harassment: The manager who crosses the line into illegal harassment, whether sexual or not, has created a dangerous and hostile work environment. If this happens to you, get a lawyer and fight back!
Malice: This is the manager who sets out to make his subordinate's life miserable. In some cases this may be the run-up to a planned termination. As with a harassing boss, keep a detailed daily journal of all the insults you are receiving, try to identify witnesses to the verbal abuse, and then if it does not stop seek legal counsel.

Do any of those horrible traits sound familiar?? If so, then you are working for a BAD BOSS who is dysfunctional & suffering from administrative incompetence, and you need to do something about it! You DO have recourse and you should exercise your rights, or at the very least, learn how to deal with a bad boss so you do not fall victim to stress related illnesses or career paralysis.

Check out some of the valuable resources that we have here at MBIARP ... they just might help you keep your job AND your sanity!
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